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Are you running yourself or your staff ragged trying to handle your increasing
Amazon customer support needs?
1. Initial Follow Up Email Sequence Set up
Engagement. That’s what you get through this vital service from CSRrocks. When a customer purchases your product, they appreciate a note from you ensuring them that their package is on its way or asking them if they’re having any problems that you can help with. Such communication lets your customers know you take pride in what you’ve sold them and prompts them to come back to you again when they need similar products in the future. 

Hiring And Training
We take these two tedious tasks off your hands with a proven hiring process that attracts well-spoken, ready-to-work applicants who are eager to learn how to be the best CS rep they can be. Then our experts mold each new hire into a reliable, meticulous, over-delivering team member through our proven-effective training program. You derive the benefits of these systematized processes without lifting a finger.

Grow Your Reviews And Seller Feedback Naturally!
When you’re right there to answer your customers’ emails, you’re setting yourself apart from so many Amazon sellers who are impossible to get hold of. Even if a customer has problems with your product, they’ll appreciate your on-time support. That appreciation translates into more positive reviews and repeat customers, as well as an influx of new customers who crave this kind of connection they have difficulty finding elsewhere on Amazon.

CSR Rocks Will Increase Your Customer Retention
When someone takes the time to leave you positive feedback, you never want them to feel that their time was wasted. Getting back to them with even a simple thank-you goes a long way toward cementing your name in their brain as a company they love to do business with. Not only that, it increases the likelihood that they’ll spread the word about just how awesome you are.

Additional CSR Rocks Services:
2. We Keep Your Product Listings Accurate and Up-to-date
You probably understand just how important it is to keep your listings accurate and up-to-date, but who has time for it? We do. We’ll constantly patrol your pages to ensure all your listings reflect the latest info and images related to each product. This includes keeping tabs on seasonal products so that you’re always highlighting their most potent benefits to your prospects.

We Keep Your Amazon Account Secure!
This kind of feedback can hurt your account standing but can also be a bellwether to warn you about problems with your product or service. Our team will work diligently to address customer issues and use that prompt attention to your customers to facilitate a request to remove this feedback from your account. In the end, you can use this feedback to correct any product or service issues while keeping your account healthy at the same time.

CSR Rocks Will Get You More Repeat Customers
Positive customer reviews are the lifeblood of an Amazon business, so you want to be sure that everyone who takes the time to leave one for you knows just how much you appreciate it. We’ve mastered the art of expressing gratitude without going overboard and coming across as obsequious or annoying. The result is many more repeat customers in your pocket as well as converting prospects who are reeled in by your evident customer satisfaction.

We Deliver You More Info About Shortcomings of Your Products
Just as with feedback, critical customer reviews can give you valuable info you might not otherwise receive about shortcomings of your product. If you fail to respond to these reviews, prospects will figure that you simply don’t care about the feedback you receive. But if you respond in a positive way, you show them that you’re eager to improve your product and truly care about your customers. And we take care of it all for you.
3. We Keep Your Product Listings Accurate and Up-to-date
You probably understand just how important it is to keep your listings accurate and up-to-date, but who has time for it? We do. We’ll constantly patrol your pages to ensure all your listings reflect the latest info and images related to each product. This includes keeping tabs on seasonal products so that you’re always highlighting their most potent benefits to your prospects.

We'll Handle Your Negative Reviews
Responding to a critical review goes beyond a short blurb on the review page. We go the extra mile to turn your unhappy customer into a happy or at least mollified one. Then we work to convince them to give your product another look with an eye toward the excellent support they’ve received. You’ll be surprised how many will be happy to write a more positive review, and turning just a few reviews positive can have a dramatic effect on a product’s rating.

We'll Increase Your Natural Flow Of Organic Reviews and Feedback!
Though your campaign will be a winner out of the gate, odds are a few improvements here and there will significantly increase its effectiveness. Over time, we’ll analyze your email follow-up sequence to determine just how well it’s promoting customer engagement and leading to positive reviews. We’ll use that data to tweak your sequence to maximize its success at prompting your customers to submit glowing reviews with the power to catapult your product up the Amazon rankings.
Hijacker Removal!
Sellers who hijack your listing to sell their inferior products can sabotage your product ratings and cause you no end of headaches. We’ll relentlessly check your buy boxes to ensure there are no such interlopers. If there are, we’ll communicate with them in the strongest possible terms to convince them to remove their listings from your pages. This will help maintain your brand integrity and alleviate situations where your reputation suffers due to poor-quality products that you’re not even selling.

With a comprehensive suite of customer support and product maintenance services that are affordable whether you’re a robust enterprise or a freshly-growing startup, CSR Rocks is here to up your customer support game and free you to do what you do best.
  •  Front-Line Email Support:
    Say goodbye to the tedium and pump up your productivity by letting our well-spoken, passionate, highly-trained team take this troublesome but necessary task off your hands.

  •   Customer Follow-Up:
    There’s an art to following up with your customers and making sure they’re happy without coming across as pushy or annoying, and we’ve mastered it. Forge a bond with your customers and make sure you stay on their minds for all the right reasons by sending them helpful, engaging emails that they’ll actually want to read!

  •  Negative Feedback Removal:
    It happens to every Amazon seller – justified or not. We specialize in soothing unhappy customers and working to remove negative feedback that can stain your reputation. 

      Review Correspondence:
    Your customer took the time to review your product; let them know it’s appreciated by thanking them for their feedback, noting their criticisms and allaying any concerns they may express.
      Product Listing Maintenance:
    Show your prospects you’re on your game; we’ll monitor each of your listings and make sure none slip through the cracks. 
  •   Hijack Prevention:
    You can’t let another company tarnish your reputation by selling their products on your good name; we’ll nip that in the bud. 
The above services are the core of CSR Rocks, but we’re always working to identify and meet emerging Amazon customer support needs; 
We’d love to handle yours!
When you turn your Amazon customer support needs over to CSR Rocks, you:
  •  SAY GOODBYE to the tedium of responding to support emails and say hello to a sharp increase in daily productivity.

  •  TEMPT PROSPECTS and secure customers by proclaiming the excellence of your customer support – and ensuring that those claims are fully realized 

  •  STOP WORRYING whether the next support person you hire will turn out to be a dream-come-true or a menace to your brand

  •  FREE YOURSELF and your staff to take on the tasks to which you’re best suited – creating awesome products and growing your business 

  •   WATCH YOUR customer retention rate shoot through the roof! 
 Show your customers how much they matter with our comprehensive suite of Amazon Customer Support Services!
Now, you can give it to them with CSR Rocks!
Because with CSR Rocks you have more time and more happy customers 
 This training and service is available only for companies who want to make a difference in their customers' lives.

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