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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
 Say goodbye to the tedium of responding to support emails and say hello
to a sharp increase in daily productivity!
Why would I need CSR Rocks service?
Good question! With CSR Rocks, you can get professionals working with your customers so there’s no need for you to hire your own personnel. You will get increased engagement, superb product feedback and review flow that can lead to increased sales. We can even turn your customers into raving fans!
Why should I choose CSR Rocks instead of hiring my own personnel?
We don’t want you to go through the many hassles in hiring and training your own personnel. Just imagine all the time and effort you need to spend to source qualified candidates from a throng of applicants and the lack of commitment from new hires. You also have to undergo multiple series of trials and errors before coming up with a successful and workable training program. In the long run, CSR Rocks is a lot more cost-efficient because you can provide top-notch customer service minus the nuisances of hiring and training your own staff. 
When do I need CSR Rocks service?
You would need CSR Rocks when you’ve just started selling your first product or when you’ve been selling for some time but you’re the only one handling those CSR tasks and you just want to free up your time. When your business is growing so fast, you’ll definitely need CSR Rocks to fill your thriving CSR needs. You would also need us when your sales are low due to lack of customer engagement. We can help you step up your game as we take over your customer service needs.
How well does CSR ROCKS accommodate changes, will they scale it with me as the business grows?
CSR ROCKS is guaranteed to be customizable and scalable as you see fit for your growing business. It’s as easy as submitting a ticket and make adjustments according to the number of users needed
What happens after I sign up?
 After signing up, we will send you a list of onboarding questions and instructions. We will also provide you with a timeframe on how fast we can onboard and take over your customer service.
Once I sign up with CSR ROCKS, am I locked up for a yearly contract?
Of course not! We’re offering monthly packages that you can enjoy and there’s no termination fees.
Am I expected to pay for any setup fees?
No, all CSR ROCKS services include the setup.
Are there any hidden costs for the onboarding and training?
Definitely NOT a single penny as we are very transparent with our packages to help you reach your business goals.
If I do not like the service what's gonna happen?
If you do not like our service in the first 2 months - we’ll give you a full refund. When you cancel our service later on, we will not charge you for the last month.
How would I know if my business is performing accordingly?
Weekly and Monthly reports will be generated so you would know how well your business is faring.
What are included in the reports?
Reports can be customized based on the request. CLICK HERE to view example of the reports.
What happens if our performance as a seller is not good?
CSR Rocks will create and implement action plans based on the performance report and data analysis that will help your business get a good standing and seller performance.
How long is the onboarding session?
Standard onboarding takes 1 month.
Send your questions to: support@csrrocks.com so we can add them here. Thank you!
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