CSR ROCKS: Support That Stands Out
Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More!
Let the pros handle all your Amazon customer support
 Amazon customer support that makes your brand stand out from the pack . 
Do you NEED help in handling your increasing 
Amazon customer service support needs?
Sounds like you need CSR Rocks!
With a comprehensive suite of customer support and product maintenance services that are affordable whether you’re a robust enterprise or a freshly-growing startup, CSR Rocks is here to up your customer support game and free you to do what you do best.
  • Front-Line Email Support:
  • Say goodbye to the tedious and pump up your productivity by letting our well-spoken, passionate, highly-trained team take this troublesome but necessary task off your hands.
  • Review Correspondence:
  • When your customer takes the time to review your product; We will let them know it’s appreciated by thanking them for their feedback, noting their criticisms and allaying any concerns they may express. 
  •  Customer Follow-Up:
  • There’s an art to following up with your customers and making sure they’re happy without coming across as pushy or annoying, and we’ve mastered it. Forge a bond with your customers and make sure you stay on their minds for all the right reasons by sending them helpful, engaging emails that they’ll actually want to read! 
  • Reports:
  • Receive weekly and/or monthly report on what your customers are saying about your products from the emails and reviews you are getting. This can really come handy when making product improvements and business decisions.
  •  Negative Feedback Removal:
  • It happens to every Amazon seller – justified or not. We specialize in soothing unhappy customers and working to remove negative feedback that can stain your reputation. 
  • Product Listing Maintenance:
  • Show your prospects you’re on your game; we’ll monitor each of your listings and make sure none slip through the cracks. 
Here is what some of our clients say about us.
”Using CSR Rocks has been a great business decision. They handle my Amazon customer service better than I would, and this system lets me focus on growing the business and searching for new product opportunities - things I am good at.”

- Jonne Välilä

“Already about a year of cooperation has worked fine. Customer service is friendly. Communication has always been easy and quick. I save a lot of time when I don’t have to take care of customer service myself. I know that csr rocks handle it better. I am very satisfied.”

- Esa Hämäläinen

“In our experience, CSR Rocks are not just providing service. They are something completely different. CSR Rocks is a rock-solid business partner that gives you the most valuable asset a business can have. Time!
We would love to HELP you too!
Because with CSR Rocks you have more time and more happy customers